Solar lights to be replaced in Enkanini

This is what justice looks like. It’s about doing what is right when no one can force you to do it. Signify (formerly the Philips Foundation) chose to replace the lights with a better model, with a longer maintenance agreement because those involved wanted to make things better for the residents of Enkanini. They realized the first installation didn’t work, not by the fault of the community, and chose to replace them with a better product.

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What to do when there is not much you can do?

I’ve been sitting on how to write an update on what’s happening in Enkanini, a place where we’ve been active for the past 10 years. Strangely, this is the first year we aren’t going there and it feels like the right decision. It’s a huge contrast as it’s been the favored destination with our InSite teams, we’ve had more movement in terms of social projects with the most potential for real community transformation, and yet, it’s not happening as we hoped.

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Shawna Snow