6 Modules, 1 Trip, and a Year That Will Change Your Life! 

InSite is a great opportunity for all DP1 students which will enrich your year, help with all areas of life, personal and school-related, and will help fulfil an IB requirement for CAS. 

Through our newly redesigned "Everyday Leadership in Action" programs, you will learn things you won't get in the classroom and experience things you won't get on a holiday. 

In addition to our training programs, you will travel to South Africa where you will be able to directly apply your newly acquired skills. 

This year, we are taking you for this trip over the May holiday for about 12 days! 

12 days where you will work with us and your friends, alongside local communities, and have a real impact on people's life in South Africa. 

We believe high expectations, and real responsibility given with support in real world issues, leads to igniting passion and change for all who contribute.

InSite is designed for secondary students and college students from age 16. We’ve been involved with students at the AICS since 2010 and have had hundreds of students participate. 

Is this you? 


Insite allowed me to challange myself and do things I never thought possible. It gave me more confidence and joy.



Insite has made me more daring and less afraid



InSite was life changing and I learned to stay positive regardless of what others say. 


These are the 6 Modules Made For You


What You're Gonna Get

  • 6 Specialised training modules and a trip to South Africa (Value EUR 2997,-)
  • Easy CAS Templates (Value EUR 378,-)
  • Fundraising Coach & Templates (Value EUR 1878,-)
  • Personalized Training Times (Value EUR 378,-)
  • Fundraising Event (location & food)* (value Priceless!)
    • *first 10 completed signups

Total Value: EUR 6.552,-

What you pay

  • 6 Specialised training modules EUR 300,-
  • Trip to South Africa: We help you fundraise EUR 1750,-
  • That includes EVERYTHING:
    • Flight Ticket
    • Lodging
    • Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Diner)
    • Transportation
    • Money to fund our local projects and translaters

You only pay: EUR 300,-


InSite 2018-2019 Enrolment Form

You are ready to become an InSite Agent and get Your CAS done in a meaningful way.

To start the process, fill out the form below. You will get an email with instructions. Follow these instructions and make sure YOU are one of the first 10 Agents to complete the Sign up for the Exclusive Fundraising Event Package. 

Don't worry you don't have to pay now, just fill out the form to get more information.

Enrolment for the whole year + trip is 30 September.

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