InSite has 6 different modules, including a service/volunteer experience designed for you.  

InSite is a great opportunity for all DP1 & 2 students which will enrich your year, help with all areas of life, personal and school-related, and will help fulfil an IB requirement for CAS. 

Through our newly redesigned "Everyday Leadership in Action" programs, you will learn things you won't get in the classroom and experience things you won't get on a holiday. 

In addition to our training programs, you will participate in an Action Sunday where you will be able to directly apply your newly acquired skills. 

Take a different modules each month, depending on your interest and gain new skills, and see how you can be more connected in your local city.

We believe high expectations, and real responsibility given with support in real world issues, leads to igniting passion and change for all who contribute.

InSite is designed for secondary students and college students from age 16. We’ve been involved with students since 2010 and have had hundreds of students participate. 

Is this you? 

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Through the sessions, I have learnt to listen to people before wanting to respond to them. It is only truly listening, when you can listen to someone and want to hear them wholeheartedly without wanting to interrupt them or reply to them.

former InSie student

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A question I ask to inspire myself is “How will

being less afraid to make mistakes make me more aware of myself?” And a quote I took

from the book is “The most effective leaders see themselves as learners”. This quote

spoke to me, as I see a leader the same way. A true leader isn’t a leader if he or she isn’t learning.



I felt that we are being helped here to develop into a better person with positive energy that can influence both yourself and others. Even though I am far from being an everyday leader, I don't think it

is too late to start now, because there are many chances around me that I can show my capability.


These are the 6 Modules Made For You


What You're Gonna Get

  • 1 Specialised training modules including an Action Sunday (Value EUR 300,-)
  • Easy CAS Templates (Value EUR 378,-)
  • Personalized Training Times (Value EUR 378,-)

Total Value: EUR 1056,-

What you pay

  • 1 Specialised training module including an Action Sunday EUR 50
  • Personalized Training times- Free
  • Easy CAS Templates- Free

You only pay: EUR 50,-


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