Stop wondering how you can help - Take Action Now!

InSite is partnering with other NGO's so that we can get more done and impact more people. Did you know there are over 6.5 million displaced people worldwide? In the Netherlands there are about 60,000. And Europe as a whole has taken in about 2 million. 

Here is a short list of ways you can help:  Scroll down the page to InSite Destinations. 

  • collect needed items
  • join a local Amsterdam based whatsapp group for one-off needs
  • visit a volunteer hub in NL or somewhere in Europe and assist the long term volunteers
  • Raise financial support for the long term volunteers who have given up careers and dropped everything to help those in desparate need. 

29 June, InSite is going to Calais, France to volunteer for the weekend, and we are looking for 10 people to join us. Must be at least 15 years old. Send email to

Click here for more details.   Scroll down the page to InSite Destinations. 

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