InSite got an Award!

Stichting Reckoning's InSite leadership program was recognized for it's Outstanding Youth Leadership Program. Girts Berzins of the WorldWide Business Review explains below how our program stood out. 

Alongside the core magazine Worldwide Business Review runs several awards programmes and the vast majority of these are based on a traditional nomination and voting platform (such as our Enterprise Awards). These programmes, however, tend to recognise large, international businesses with a large sector presence. We launched our merit-based awards to recognise smaller firms that do extraordinary things in their sector. Equally, Worldwide Business Review caters almost singularly to SMEs, though we have worked with large cap firms (like EY, PwC, Deloitte, MasterCard) in the past.

  • Being a merit based programme, we use an in-house independent research team who consider a number of criteria, such as;
  • Company profile – how long they’ve been established, product line, what sector they operate in
  • Previous accolades
  • Peer esteem/expert esteem (links with above)
  • Client reviews/recommendations/testimonials – where applicable and appropriate. All third party, independent, reviewed/verified.
  • Media Presence – presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, alongside traditional media outlets – articles, marketing, editorial – considering saturation, customer interaction/engagement (again where appropriate).
  • Extracurricular – sponsorships, partnerships, volunteer outreach etc – what sort of company climate?
  • Sector -  are they competitive in their sector? What do they offer that other companies don’t? What makes them the leader in their area of business?
  • Products: what do they offer – is there evidence of improvement/innovation? Are they moving ‘forwards’?
  • And other things of that nature.
  • Considering all of that, Stichting Reckoning was selected for an award of the Most Outstanding Youth Training Workshops exclusively. Like last year, we selected 50 firms from a variety of sectors.
  • Our research team noted your strong passion for education in both the Netherlands and South Africa. The team noticed the importance and impact of your programs, such as 24: The Book, LEAD, InSite and Mashup Academy.
  • We also notice your high social media presence with regular updates on Facebook and Twitter as well as your presence on other websites, such as Fontanel, Flickr, Mediamatic and Drimble.
  • The team also kept in mind that you have more than 10 years’ experience as a director as well as your previous experience as a C-level executive.

Considering all the information above along with others not listed here, we believe that Stichting Reckoning truly deserves to be recognised in this program.

It's great to be recognized for the work that we do. Thanks for the award and for looking at our program and the impact we are having locally and globally. 


Shawna Snow