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Enkanini Solar Lights to be installed ... for real.

Since the first installation of the 10 solar lights donated by The Philips Foundation in Feb 2018, a lot has happened. There was extreme joy and happiness when the lights were working, even though they were switching off in the middle of the night, there was still much gratitude and excitement as they increased safety and ease of movement in a significant area of the settlement.

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Solar lights to be replaced in Enkanini

This is what justice looks like. It’s about doing what is right when no one can force you to do it. Signify (formerly the Philips Foundation) chose to replace the lights with a better model, with a longer maintenance agreement because those involved wanted to make things better for the residents of Enkanini. They realized the first installation didn’t work, not by the fault of the community, and chose to replace them with a better product.

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Enkanini trip in Pictures

See a little of the InSite youth leadership team in action in South Africa. InSite used the IDEO human-centered Design material as we partnered with the #Philipsfoundation installing 10 solar street lights and getting a bakery structure built in the informal settlement of #Enkanini on the edge of Stellenbosch. 

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