24 March: Cordaan: hanging out with the Elderly

We had the opportunity to spend a few hours with the Elderly living at Cordaan thanks to Serve The City Amsterdam . We spoke a bit about what means to make the day better for them before we started, reminding us to step into their lives and connect. We helped them down from where they lived to street level where the market was located. The students did a great job hanging out and talking with them. They came back with great stories of how they practiced empathy, listening and sharing a little bit of their lives with one another.

We spent the rest of our time unpacking the idea of empathy and it’s importance in our daily lives and PLAYING! Yes, PLAYING. We play a lot in South Africa with kids and adults. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s so good for your brain, human connections and up-leveling your emotional base.

We are one month out from traveling to South Africa! Yahoo!!