9 February: Mindspace for Collaboration

InSite agents spent the afternoon learning how to run a social media campaign to raise awareness for a cause. The cause we focused on: InSite SA’s partners we will be working alongside when we travel there in April/May. Most of us flip through social media sights without much thought as to what goes into the posts. So, Naos, the NL managing director of Nodes, a tech agency walked the student’s through a process to show the students what is involved in a multi-month campaign to raise the awareness and increase support for a worthy cause.

InSite agents were then split up into groups and given certain tasks in how to create content and to experience what it takes to create valuable content. It’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll be getting a preview of the results of their hard work over the next few months, so follow us on Instagram or Facebook and you might see a student creation, or one inspired by them very soon!