Emotional Healing with natural products

Another way I'd ask myself that question, How do I feel less crazy and scattered without hormone therapy?  Around the same time as the shoulder incident (I fractured my bone, bruised the bone, ruptured the tendon and the muscle back in March), I was experiencing premenopausal symptoms: hot flashes, mood swings, and other not so pleasant side effects. I was so miserable, I made an appointment to get a prescription for hormone therapy. I had just started taking various oils for my shoulder and my hot flashes stopped. So, that was pretty awesome. I decided to see if I could treat the other symptoms. It's been amazing. No hormones or prescription drugs to make me feel better. It's all natural and the bonus is, the oils smell amazing.

Emotional healing would be a place where I've felt a bit desperate, if I were to be honest with you. I've endured a fair share of deeply sad events in my life, and have wondered if happiness or feelings of joy were ever meant for me. I'm a deeply spiritual person, so praying, meditating, and all those "should's" were things I'd done for years, but none of that has completely healed me emotionally. 

I've cried and released so. many. times... for how long? When will summer come to the winter of my soul? And here's the thing.


So, I want my feeling state to match my life and my experience of this wonderful life that I have. This is where emotional healing comes in. Here's a super brief explanation of the stages of healing as outlined in Emotions and Essential Oils

Five stages of healing: EO assist

1. in healing the physical body. EO's are powerful healers, some are 40-60 times more potent than herbs. They assist the body in fighting unfriendly microorganisms, balance body functions and more. 

2. in healing the heart. Emotional healing occurs as old feelings surface and release. 

3. releasing limiting beliefs- EO assist in illuminating the emotional patterns of deeply held beliefs, encouraging us to identify what the limiting beliefs are, releasing the trapped energy and associated emotions of deeply held beliefs, ad finally replacing them with positive beliefs that will serve our highest good. 

4. increase spiritual awareness and connection. We can more clearly connect with our divine intention. It is from love that our healing can become complete. 

5. inspire the fulfilment of our life's purpose. 

As with all stages, I don't think it's totally linear, I sense that we can pop in between different stages depending on what's going on and what we are focusing on. I do think that one needs to continue to address emotions as they are triggered and work through them until they are fully integrated. 

How do oils help? They allow one to fully experience the emotions, support in letting go of the thoughts and feelings attached to the emotions and replacing those thoughts and feelings with an upgraded version.

I know it sound weird. I do. I've been experimenting and I swear I feel better. I don't have huge emotional dips as often. I can better manage my moods and have a way to process the emotions I have so that I can release them and replace them. Old memories that used to be so painful, are now cherished memories that I can recall and smile instead of feeling sad and/or guilty. Basically, I'm discarding what isn't serving me any longer. I'm putting on a new skin, and these natural products are aiding me in doing just that. 

If you want to dive in a little deeper, here's a PDF on the aromatic use of oils and how they work in our brain and body.  

So, that's a bit of my present story, I'm in the beginning stages of a whole new process and loving every minute of the things I'm learning about myself and how to live a more vibrant internal life, cause my life is pretty awesome. 

Let's talk. What's your biggest question and what's your greatest need? I'd love to see if this could be something to help you too!