Does InSite offer Financial Scholarships?

What a great question!

Actually, this year we are thrilled to announce that there are financial scholarships. We do not want money to be an issue for any student missing out on this life-changing experience.

InSite team members will be able to apply for a financial scholarship for the February trip from 7 January-15 January and 20 March to 28 March for the May trip.

The qualifications and form will be given out to InSite team members as part of the On-boarding process.

How can I gain the skills needed for success without giving up what I want?

InSite’s modules are designed for secondary and college students. Each module focuses on one key area which have all been identified as the top needed skills for a meaningful and fulfilling life all around. It is our aim that students feel confident in who they are and the contribution they make. The content meet up sessions are between 4-6 hours in total. The other crucial component are the Action Sundays where we all come together and volunteer, putting what we’ve learned into action as we come alongside others who need support.

StudentsShawna Snow
How do I fulfil school requirements that's not tedious and boring?

InSite agents are treated as co-partners in each module. They are designed to give the tools needed to be a valuable contributor. InSite sees each agent as a valued and needed part of InSite. If you've been wanting to stretch yourself within the realm of seeing your impact grow and develop, this is your opportunity to live forward with intention. Does this sound like CAS, IB students? Probably not, but you'll fulfil CAS as a natural outcome of being a part of InSite. 

StudentsShawna Snow
How to do InSite without wasting time on CAS?

Here's the deal. We all have 24 hours in a day and we all decide how to use those precious hours. InSite is designed so that you have the maximum benefit for the time invested. Every single hour you designate for InSite will fulfil at least one of the CAS learning outcomes. InSite provides the structure so that you can focus on what matters and not wasting your time trying to figure out what to do. 

What is covered in the modules?

Each Modules has been designed around specific topics that are relevant in the social justice activism world. These topics have far reaching applications as they raise ones self-awareness, bring focus on ones true passions and callings, emphasise our shared humanity with skills in resolving conflicts, learning ways of negotiating and tapping into empathy as a way to be heard and to really hear the other person, as well as experiencing the value of cultural contexts and how that impacts social structures, and so much more. 

Shawna Snow
How to fundraise without being desperate and needy?

Fundraising usually brings up feelings of fear and seems impossible at the first glance. We get that. We believe that fundraising:

  • gives people who want to help a solution.

  • gives experience in how to give a pitch.

  • increases your self confidence as you reach a goal that seems a little out of your reach.

  • provides opportunities for others to support you in pursuing your goals.

  • gives you skills and tools in communication, event planning, budgeting, and public speaking.

  • creates opportunities for you to be resourceful and creative.

To accomplish this, InSite provides the tools you need to fundraise in a way that is authentic and natural for you, that excites your network in wanting to contribute and gets you to your goal.