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How we support schools

InSite is designed for secondary students from 14+.  We believe high expectations, and real responsibility given with support in real world issues leads to igniting passion and change for all who contribute. BONUS:  students can contribute time with  InSite as a means to fulfil CAS or other service learning requirements. 

If you are a CAS coordinator or Headmaster of a school, contact us today and let's discuss how you can offer InSite to the students at your school.

Here’s a short list of gains for students: 

  • Get students out of their comfort zone
  • Connect them to something bigger than themselves
  • Solve problems together as a team that seem impossible
  • Expose their strengths and how to use them
  • Help them reach goals that seem unattainable 
  • Guide them to be the best version of themselves
  • Highlight our shared humanity and our connectedness to one another

Shortlist of things you'll gain


School Corner

InSite aims to provide excellent programs and resources in helping implement CAS and other leadership and service learning objectives. We are constantly innovating and incorporating the latest in leadership implementation and skills based development.

Working alongside CAS coordinators, CAS supervisors, and school teachers, in providing shared information about student progress increases accountability for InSite students while keeping the teachers informed and prepared. 

Current schools use InSite as a way to demonstrate their active role in global issues to prospective parents, highlight the team in the annual yearbooks, and some teachers integrate the student learning from the program and trips to South Africa and other locations in their relevant content areas. 

What students do

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Modules & Actions

Students participate in six different modules in smaller groups which foster discovery of self, others and the world. Once a month, we all come together (Action Sundays) to serve locally and put into action our new discoveries.

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Travel to South Africa

InSite joins our community partners in Enkanini, Stellenbosch South Africa in February ( over the holiday) and in Lethabong, Pretoria South Africa in April/May (over the holiday). These trips are 10 day experiences immersed in a unique cultural exchange.

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Tell their Story

Wrap up the year with InSite's annual event. Learn how to tell a story in a creative format, communicating your biggest learning. Share with others how this experience changed you.

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Fundraising is more about authentic communication and sharing passion than it is about raising money. Learn how to give a pitch, promote a cause you believe in and rally others around good causes. InSite's partnerships with local communities is changing lives, and that's good news!



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