Enkanini Advisory Meet with the Sans Tribe: History in the Making

Enkanini, an informal settlement, has been a partner of Reckoning’s for the past 11 years. We have walked along side this community and they have invested in us as much, if not more than they have invested in us. Yondela revealed to us that he felt there was a lot of exploitation occurring from research projects within Enknanini and was causing a lot of problems for the community. Through a process of research and connections, we found there was a new standard of ethics being formed and adopted by the EU called the #Ethics Code. They got involved with Enkanini, and have been assisting them in creating an Advice Centre that will act as a gatekeeper for the community and a place for residents to come if they have concerns or issues.

The first marginalized community to implement the #ethicscode is the Sans Tribe in South Africa. Here is a video of what that looks like.

A few weeks ago, Prof. Doris Schroeder, Director of Centre for Professional Ethics a t UCLAN School of Health Sciences, arranged and funded a weekend long meeting of the Sans Advisory board to meet with the Brand new Enkanini Advice Centre Members.

The San leadership declared, after the meeting, that they are happy to assist the Enkanini Advice Centre to assist in the protection agains exploitation. Enkanini faces similar challenges to the Sans Tribe, but also face other issues that are related to the lack of government support and acknowledgement of their responsibility to provide basic human services to their own citizens.

Dorthy and her team are applying for more grant funding for a pilot work to continue to assist Enkanini with their development of an internal structure to support and represent themselves.

"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together" Desmond Tutu

Sans Tribe, Enkanini Advice Centre,  and the #Ethics Code Advocates.

Sans Tribe, Enkanini Advice Centre, and the #Ethics Code Advocates.

Shawna Snow