Bakgoni Camp is launching!

In May of 2019 Reckoning partnered with Doterra’s Healing Hands and launched a fundraiser for Bakgoni Camp and raised $20,000. We are pleased to announce that the camp will be launching at the end of October with the first thirty participants.

The Bakgoni Camp will be operating in Rapotokwane (Rust de Winter) in Limpopo Province. This rural area has a 70% unemployment rate. The camp will give residents the skills needed to grow food to sell and eat. This is greatly needed as more and more people move to urban areas looking for work, and the reality is there is no work. So, this adds to the congestion and poverty found in urban areas, which contributes to the breakdown of societies and families. Individuals are uprooted living in less than ideal conditions away from close family and friends. Learning how to grow food and care for the land they have will empower them to care for their families, stay in a well established social community where they have property, connection, and belonging.