Bashumi Project

Purpose: Employing and providing food for families through sustainable farming.

The project trains equips women and youth to put food on their table through sustainable farming. It teaches food production and basic farming skills and assists participants to sell and trade the food products, providing income.

Join us in raising funds for them to reach their dream of farming on their own property! It’s been a three year journey. They started with a small plot on a local school, to a borrowed lot in town, and now they are ready to begin farming on their own land.

Phillipine (far right) and her original team of farmers)

Phillipine (far right) and her original team of farmers)


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The project began as a partnership between three elderly women and the current chairperson (Phillipine Pila). The women were tilling the ground at a school in Soshanguve Block L but had no money to buy seeds or seedlings. Phillipine was interested in working with the school to grow her educational programme which at the time operated in Soshanguve, Mamelodi and Stinkwater. Phillipine offered her time and bought seeds for the women and the project was born.

One year down the line, more women have joined, better skills have been acquired and the project operates in two locations and vegetables are being successfully produced and sold by participants.


In 2017 we bought and successfully produced cabbage, spinach, beetroot kale and onions and seeds for carrots. All members managed to get a share of the vegetables for consumption and the group made pickled vegetables from the cabbage and carrots produced and sold it to local vendors. Furthermore pumpkins, watermelons and mielies (corn) was planted.

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Development and Growth

In 2018 February they moved to a bigger site adding onions, cabbage, beetroot, carrot, and kale are being successfully produced. Kale and mustard spinach have already been harvested for consumption and selling.

The project has grown in its methods of farming and was joined by an experienced trainer in farming and food production such that all our current crops in 2018 have been successfully planted and grown and very few are near harvesting.

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Woman in Farming Competition

We have been selected to join the competition for Women in Farming. The Department of Agriculture with the sponsorship of Nestle Company runs a competition for women who are farming. There are prizes to be won by the best three gardens. They get money of about R15 000, R25 000 and R35 000. The finals of the competition will be in August 2019.

In addition, we were invited to attend a workshop for processing which will expand our offers on our vegetables. This training is sponsored by the National Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Department.

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Future Plans

We intend to continue and expand the food processing aspect of the business and producing more pickled vegetables. Our mission is to move beyond subsistence farming and go towards running a commercial project with organic practices. This will create jobs, improve the members’ livelihood and sustainably support old age homes, and orphanages in the community.