A life-changing experience 

Some say life changing experiences involve doing something that is dangerous, like swimming with crocodiles in Australia or drinking snake wine. Others would say a more meaningful and long lasting way to encounter a life-changing experience centers around serving others in real and tangible ways. InSite takes this route, creating ways to connect people across cultural, race, and social boundaries so that we can serve one another. 

InSite provides opportunities for students to discover more about themselves and the world around them. They take this new learning and apply it directly to what they face in the different cultural contexts and challenges faced. It sounds too simple to be true, but this is what creates meaning for us humans. We crave the need to be needed, to help, serve and experience the richness of connection with one another. When the students do this as a team, it bonds them for life. It’s an experience no one can take away or replace. It’s unique and special.

Words Parents use to describe InSite

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Parent Corner

InSite's application process invites parents to have an opportunity to speak with an InSite representative before students join the team. It's crucial for the students success to have the support from you. InSite aims at being transparent about in all aspects.

InSite has bimonthly emails, a FB group, and an optional what'app parent group.

On this website you can access our past field reports, financial reports and blogs of our current activities.

Check out videos of our past years.

How can parent's be involved? 

Parents can be as involved as desired. Here's a short list of different ways parents have participated: 

  • Sponsored dessert nights student fundraising.

  • Join InSite staff to run other fundraising events.

  • Used work connections to connect InSite with social responsibility platforms for our work in South Africa.

  • Traveled with us on the trips to South Africa as a volunteer.

  • Volunteered with various administrative needs.


What students do


Training Sessions

During these sessions, gain the skills and tools needed to be an effective leader, team player and take action in how to put these skills to work in the real world. 


Travel to country

InSite joins our community partners in South Africa for our 6  month programs, while volunteering in France or Brussels for our weekend trips to refugee warehouses. 


Tell their story

Wrap up the year with InSite's annual event. Learn how to tell a story in a creative format, communicating your biggest learning. Share with others how this experience changed you. 



Fundraising is more about authentic communication and sharing passion than it is about raising money. Learn how to give a pitch, promote a cause you believe in and rally others around good causes. InSite's partnerships with local communities is changing lives, and that's good news! 



but want to know more?

Fill out application .

 Approved applicant Sign  contract. Training fee paid.

your an InSIte member.

You’ll be on a team.


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