InSite offers a year-round program for students living in the Netherlands which follows the school year schedule and complements the IB DP diploma programme, as well as other International school requirements of service learning and personal leadership aims. See the chart below for sample schedules and the student outcomes.

For students who would like to full experience of the training program, a trip to South Africa where they would work alongside InSite’s South African partners, additional fundraising streams of learning and doing would be required.

InSite also offers an online version for students who do not live in The Netherlands. Monthly online sessions are arranged with an InSite facilitator, and there is an option for the participants to join the InSite team on the ground in South Africa.



“Creating a Playground for C.L.A.S.S. (Character, Leadership, and Social Skills)”  is the title of the training workbook we have developed and use for our leadership program. The workbook weaves together the best practices of holistic learning. Our training is based on based on Positive Psychologyprinciples, using artful thinkingand art-making , and designing experiential learning environmentsand leadership principles from Social Justice Leadersand current leadership models.

It is divided into eight chapters and covers the skills needed to cultivate a practice of Everyday Leadership that can be sustained. We use the Dudley Moore definition of Everyday Leadership, “The everyday acts of improving the lives of others.”

Skills training in the areas character and social skills are crucial as these students move into the workforce as our world in growing increasingly more complex and multicultural. Positive Psychology has done substantial work in this area and offer many tools to help one increase well-being and the social/emotional intelligence needed to thrive.

The training InSite offers the students gives them a foundation in these tools so that when they are practicing the actions of everyday leadership, they are more able to connect how serving others also increases their well being.

Having experiences in service learning are valuable. Being able to reflect on those experiences to re-live and reinforce the positive experience or learn from a challenging one is better. Being aware of how you use the best of what you have to help others, identifying a need, implementing a solution, evaluating the impact on all parties and reflecting on how you can improve is best. InSite aims for the best.


Sample Training Session How long? What we do What it means
Block 1 12:00-12:25 Check in time Team breaks into small groups spends about 25 minutes preparing for the day
Block 2 12:30-14:00 Content Block InSite Workbook/experiential learning on CLASS
Break 14:00-14:15 it’s a break
Block 3 14:15-16:30 Teambuilding/Elective Groups Students divided into 3 groups and rotate each session between the three different electives groups: Projects/beautifcation/Positionality
Block 4 16:35-17:00 Check out time/reflection Wrap up the session, record experiences in workbook reflection.
Sample day in South Africa Activities
7:00 wake up
8:00 breakfast
8:45 Leave for settlement
9:00 arrive and work on projects/beautification
12:30 Leave for lunch
15:00 Return to settlement for after school play program
17:15 Head back for dinner
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Team Debrief
23:00 Lights out



●    Go deeper within themselves, so they can go deeper and farther with others.
●    Do more than they think they can
●    Be curious
●    Think in terms of solutions and possibilities
●    Work together well
●    Increase positive emotions
●    Evaluate and alter self talk when needed
●    Make necessary ethical decisions
●    Live a life with Integrity and Empathy
●    Live leadership as a lifestyle




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