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Cristina Goyoaga

Cristina was born in Madrid, but moved to Amsterdam as an Erasmus student in 2011. She has a master's degree in Social Problems and Social Policy from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, and is currently a coordination team member at Casa Migrante, a centre for Spanish speakers in Amsterdam. For the past 10 years, she has plaid rugby, and is presently in the highest division in the Netherlands.

Although her entire family has been involved in the equestrian industry for generations, she is allergic to horses. She has everything to be part of a musical- excluding the voice and dance moves, and her spirit animal is a red panda.

"I joined InSite because I believe in the relevance of connecting self-awareness with activism, and in the benefits of introducing these two concepts at an early stage of life. Aaaaaaaaaand because I wanted to go to South Africa”

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