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Shawna Snow

Shawna Snow is a professional with many talents. Her expertise revolves around leadership development and training. She applies this in her non-profit Stichting Reckoning and her private business Smell the Flowers. 

In 2011 she received her Masters Degree in Global Urban Leadership from the Bakke Graduate Universtity. 

In 2017 she got certified by the leading institute for "creating open mindset" the Arbinger Institute. There methodology promises up to 400% more profitability when the principles are applied by the whole organization.

In 2018 she was Certified in courses of Positive Psychology as well as a certification in Human Centered Design.

Shawna is a public speaker on various events; like TEDX Education, Vrije Universiteit, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and Spark (conference for women entrepreneurs).

As a facilitator,  she has helped leaders at big brands (Starbucks, aFrogleap, AESICA) with new approaches to business problems, staff development and 'out-of-the-box'-thinking. She has also worked with many people within her NGO with designing experiential learning environments, learning leading to change and transformation, and direct action in the fields of sustainable community development projects in South Africa. 

InSite is her work of choice. She's been involved in working and leading youth for the past 30 years. 

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Hayley Johnson

Hayley is a previous intern and newly made staff member currently pursuing a bachelors in Psychology at the University of Leiden. She is originally from California, but moved to the Netherlands to complete the international baccalaureate program.

Hayley is the youngest staff member at age 20, loves to write and sing music, and is always enthusiastic to try new things. While she is creative and fun, she is also driven and hardworking towards the projects she is involved in.

"Being part of InSite came from a number of places for me, but it was primarily from a space of wanting to work hard in the activism sector and to understand the technical sides of executing a successful program such as this. I also wanted to re-experience the moments, beauty, and people that are tied with going to South Africa."

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Ari Snow

Ari is InSite's Media Director and a student facilitator. He is based out of Amsterdam with a degree in interactive/media/design. He is currently pursuing a career in filmmaking.

Ari can eat his own body weight in quesadillas. 

Is infatuated with whales. And changes his clothes at least 3 times a day. 

Actually loves long walks on the beach. 

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Adriana Costa Souza

Adrian was born and raised in Brazil, but moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to complete a Masters in Communications and Information Studies. She is a certified meditation trainer, and is currently working with Facilitation and Process Design.

Her family is massive- 21 uncles/aunts and 38 directly related cousins- when they meet for Christmas it is similar to a summer festival. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, she danced for 10 years and still enjoys doing so, but transitioned to rugby once in Europe. Food is also a big part of her life, excluding liquorice, which she claims as being, "created by the devil".

"This program combines so many things that I believe are needed in this world! When I first heard about InSite, I remember getting super excited about the different ways in which topics that are very important to me would be approached by the program. It's fun, it's relevant, and a huge opportunity for personal growth." 

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Matt Decovsky

Matt by day is a physics teacher at the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS), and in his free time, one of the things he does is work with InSite. He’s crazy about a lot of things, making chickens out of towels, showing students that science is fun, and traveling.

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Cristina Goyoaga

Cristina was born in Madrid, but moved to Amsterdam as an Erasmus student in 2011. She has a master's degree in Social Problems and Social Policy from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, and is currently a coordination team member at Casa Migrante, a centre for Spanish speakers in Amsterdam. For the past 10 years, she has plaid rugby, and is presently in the highest division in the Netherlands.

Although her entire family has been involved in the equestrian industry for generations, she is allergic to horses. She has everything to be part of a musical- excluding the voice and dance moves, and her spirit animal is a red panda.

"I joined InSite because I believe in the relevance of connecting self-awareness with activism, and in the benefits of introducing these two concepts at an early stage of life. Aaaaaaaaaand because I wanted to go to South Africa”

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