How do I make decisions without regretting it?

Photo by Ari Snow

Photo by Ari Snow

What this course will entail:

Topic one: Values, what are they and what are mine? 


Topic two: How do we uncover what is important, and breakdown issues based on values? 


Topic three: Ethical decision-making in real-life. How do these value-based ideas work out in real-life? 

Action Sunday:  On this Sunday,  all the agents from all the various modules  will out their learning into action with an organization in the Amsterdam area. 

What will a class will look like:

  • Over one rotation of a module, there will be 5-10 high school students.

  • Meetings will be in Amsterdam, dates/times will work around the groups schedules.

  • Minimal course work outside of meetings.

  • Topics will be discussed and explored through interactive mediums

  • 4-6 hours in total meeting time

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How to know what is the right thing to do can be confusing. How do you measure what the best route to take is? What values are the most important, and are they the same for everyone? 

This module will provide tools in how to uncover the values that are most important to you, and how to make decisions that are best for you and for others.