How do I care without burning out?

Photo by Ari Snow

Photo by Ari Snow

So what does it mean to care about a cause, and how to do I take that caring to a place of action that gives me energy? We'll look at what it means to care in terms of 'helping' others in different cultural contexts and why it's important to know what you're walking into in terms of history and context, and the connection it has to burning out. 

What this course will entail: Apply leadership skills and take on roles to lead and facilitate diverse groups with different cultures, backgrounds, and motivations

Topic one: Introduction to culture and cultural differences

  • How does culture play a part in how we see and interpret life?

  • How do you show respect and value a local culture when traveling or working abroad?

  • What role does culture play in social structures?

Topic two: Intercultural clash and achieving cultural synergy

  • How do power structures perpetuate racisism and discrimination?

  • How do I identify a power structure and dismantle it?

Topic three: Culturally responsive leadership

  • What are the global consequences from Apartheid and colonialism?

Action Sunday

On this Sunday,  all the agents from all the various modules  will out their learning into action with an organization in the Amsterdam area. 

What will a class will look like:

  • Over one rotation of a module, there will be 5-10 high school students.

  • Meetings will be in Amsterdam, dates/times will work around the groups schedules.

  • Minimal course work outside of meetings.

  • Topics will be discussed and explored through interactive mediums

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