How can I volunteer without doing more harm?


This 4 week course will explore activism and volunteerism in a contemporary context. Students will learn about present and past activists and movements, how volunteerism can navigate into dangerous territory when good intentions turn into uninformed actions, and how to be informed when venturing into volunteer work. Hayley Johnson will be facilitating this module. Get to know Hayley... keep reading! 



What this course will entail:

Topic one: Activism

  • What is activism?

  • What is its’ purpose?

  • What are influential movements?

Topic two: Volunteerism

  • What is volunteerism?

  • How do good intentions cause harm?

  • How can we avoid it?

  • What is the importance of understanding both activism & volunteerism when doing volunteer work?

Topic three: Application

  • How have some organisations been ethically responsible?

  • What are tools that we can use? How can we do social work in the Netherlands?

Action Sunday

On this Sunday,  all the agents from all the various modules  will put their learning into action with an organization in the Amsterdam area. 


What will a class will look like:

  • Over one rotation of a module, there will be 5-10 high school students.

  • Meetings will be in Amsterdam, dates/times will work around the groups schedules.

  • Minimal course work outside of meetings.

  • Topics will be discussed and explored through interactive mediums

  • 4-6 hours in total meeting time

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