Matt Decovsky

Matt by day is a physics teacher at the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS), and in his free time, one of the things he does is work with InSite.

He’s crazy about a lot of things, making chickens out of towels, showing students that science is fun, and traveling.

Matt has been with InSite for 6 years, and each year sees the incredible value for the students. 

"They learn real world skills and apply them in both local and foreign contexts, and learn how to be agents of change and social justice in their communities.  The program is hands-on, interactive, and offers authentic learning opportunities you can't get in the classroom. I love to see students grow and apply their skills and knowledge to solve authentic problems - whether it's communicating to solve a team building puzzle in Amsterdam, working to organize a warehouse for refugees in Calais, or working with community members in South Africa to learn about local issues and how to address them. The ingenuity, creativity, and passion is contagious!"

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