Adriana Costa Souza

Adrian was born and raised in Brazil, but moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to complete a master's degree in Communications and Information Studies. She is a certified meditation trainer, and is currently working with Facilitation and Process Design.

Her family is massive- 21 uncles/aunts and 38 directly related cousins- when they meet for Christmas it is similar to a summer festival. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, she danced for 10 years and still enjoys doing so, but transitioned to rugby once in Europe. Food is a big part of her life, excluding liquorice, which she claims as being, "created by the devil".

"This program combines so many things that I believe are needed in this world! When I first heard about InSite, I remember getting super excited about the different ways in which topics that are very important to me would be approached by the program. It's fun, it's relevant, and a huge opportunity for personal growth." 

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