Shawna Snow

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Shawna Snow is a professional with many talents. Her expertise revolves around leadership development and training. She applies this in her non-profit Stichting Reckoning and her private business Smell the Flowers. 

In 2011 she received her Masters Degree in Global Urban Leadership from the Bakke Graduate Universtity. 

In 2017 she got certified by the leading institute for "creating open mindset" the Arbinger Institute. Their methodology promises up to 400% more profitability when the principles are applied by the whole organization.

In 2018 she was Certified in courses of Positive Psychology as well as a certification in Human Centered Design.

Shawna is a public speaker on various events; like TEDX Education, Vrije Universiteit, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and Spark (conference for women entrepreneurs).

As a facilitator,  she has helped leaders at big brands (Starbucks, aFrogleap, AESICA) with new approaches to business problems, staff development and 'out-of-the-box'-thinking. She has also worked with many people within her NGO through designing experiential learning environments, learning leading to change and transformation, and direct action in the fields of sustainable community development projects in South Africa. 

InSite is her work of choice. She's been involved in working and leading youth for the past 30 years. 

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