"How can I be myself and feel confident about my choices?"

Photo by Ari Snow

Photo by Ari Snow

What this course will entail:

Topic 1: Personality decoder

  • What are your strongest points?

  • Where does your leadership lie?

  • How do you perceive the world around you and process information?

 Topic 2: Becoming more aware of our thoughts and body

  • What are the thoughts that trigger you?

  • How to listen to your body to help you make better choices?

 Topic 3: Observing yourself from a different perspective

  • What are my hidden and deeper motivations?

  • What are my patterns that I am unnaware of?

Action Sunday: On this Sunday,  all the agents from all the various modules  will out their learning into action with an organization in the Amsterdam area. 

What will a class will look like:

  • Over one rotation of a module, there will be 5-10 high school students.

  • Meetings will be in Amsterdam, dates/times will work around the groups schedules.

  • Minimal course work outside of meetings.

  • Topics will be discussed and explored through interactive mediums.

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This module is all about … you! How much do you know yourself?

During our meetings we will be exploring our strengths, characteristics of our personality, and the unique way that we relate to the world and to others. 

An understanding of ourselves can support us in making better choices, and feeling more confident about the gifts and qualities that we bring to the world. 

 Awareness is the first step to create change in us, our relationships, and society.