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Is it safe to go to South Africa?

InSite is fully aware of the risks of traveling. We stay in secured locations, with locked gates and added security, when needed. We hire drivers and travel with our local partners while we are there. The students are never alone or allowed to be out without adult supervision. When in the settlements, we are in a group and we all walk and work in groups of at least 3 people. It’s one of the reasons we have training sessions and work on team building. We build a high sense of trust between us to ensure that we will all do our part for the good of the group. 

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Why fundraise?

Being active in the raising of funds gets you more connected with the cause and needs of those in South Africa. Fundraising teaches the value of money, how to give a pitch, handle rejection, builds resilience and confidence. It provides an opportunity for more people to participate and provides the resources for InSite to contribute to projects in South Africa. 

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How does CAS fit with InSite?

Now that CAS is something you need to graduate, you have the opportunity to join InSite! All the learning outcomes of CAS can all be done within InSite. Each student choose the learning outcomes they find relevant for each activity, action or learning, within each module. InSite provides a proven structure for you to get CAS done without even trying. It's a natural process within InSite. 

Schools, Students, ParentsShawna Snow