Unlocking Potential through relationships 

InSite fosters relationships, real authentic connections which is where social change begins and grows.

Join us! Here's how:

  • Follow and Share our projects with others

  • Contribute to an InSite student: see them listed below

  • Offer your network to increase our reach

  • Donate things/time

  • Be a volunteer

  • Sponsor a program

Shortlist of things you'll gain


What InSite does 


Modules & Actions

Students participate in six different modules in smaller groups which foster discovery of self, others and the world. Once a month, we all come together (Action Sundays) to serve locally and put into action our new discoveries.


Travel to South Africa

InSite agents join our community partners in Enkanini, Stellenbosch South Africa in February ( over the holiday) and in Lethabong, Pretoria South Africa in April/May (over the holiday). These trips are 10 day experiences immersed in a unique cultural exchange.


Telling Stories of change

Wrap up the year with InSite's annual event. Learn how to tell a story in a creative format, communicating your biggest learning. Share with others how this experience changed you.



Fundraising is about inspiring others, sharing passion, inviting others to join us. Learn how to give a pitch, promote a cause you believe in and rally others around good causes. InSite's partnerships with local communities is changing lives, and that's good news!