2 December: #mijnstadstuin and #the pollinators

Did you know there was a place in Amsterdam where you could participate in a community garden? You could pay a small annual fee and have some grow veggies for you year round? How about a place that uses coffee grinds from local restaurants that grows mushrooms as well as feed for earthworms to make the best nutrient rich soil? The same place plants flowers to support our bee population which is vital for our survival.

InSite partnered with mijnstadstuin and The Pollinators on 2 December and spent the afternoon doing some much needed winter prep. In summary, we planted nearly 300 flower bulbs, thinned out the trees so the veggie garden will get the sun shine it needs, and preparing mulch to help keep the soil nutrient rich for the plants.

We ended by asking them what our impact was and how we could better serve them if when were to come back. As a team we needed to take more initiative and be more organized so that we could have got more done. This is great learning for us, so we can make some adjustments for our next action Sunday.

Here are some pictures of our day.

Shawna Snow